Installation & Performance

Business As Usual is a durational performance work presenting a diorama of rising global temperatures, power, and accountability, informed by the history of endurance art. Two men, dressed in corporate business suits and ties, sat on ice blocks which gradually thawed over the course of a 6-hour club night Lazarus. The performance, presented in that particular context, had a spectral presence, changing steadily yet almost imperceptibly as the evening progressed. As partygoers danced around them, the two men sat motionless, the ice blocks gradually melting in the heat; an allegory of big corporations’ often invisible yet ongoing impact on and complicity with climate change, and the general public’s tendency to look away and dance as the world burns.

Artists & production - Yonathan Trichter, Anna Lann and Helen Neven at PentHouss
Performers - Mark Jordan & Will Osmond
Original composition & sound design - Anna Lann at PentHouss
Light design - Joshua Harriette
Photography - Marco Torri & PentHouss
Ice provided by Arctic Ice London
Commissioned by Lazarus London

Exhibited at
Lazarus, Werkhaus, London, 9 April 2022