Brand collaboration

PentHouss collaborated with Berlin-based music broadcaster HÖR on the creative direction and design of the space for HÖR’s month-long London pop-up.  

Taking cues from HÖR’s neon yellow logo and iconic tiled bathroom booth in Berlin, PentHouss conceived a space that tied in industrial elements such as ratchet straps and metal rings in the signature colour with a fully reflective, infinity mirror booth which would play host to close to 100 DJ sets and live acts, as well as be the backdrop for HÖR’s daily broadcasts throughout the month.

Concept, artistic direction, design & production - Anna Lann, Helen Neven and Yonathan Trichter
Build - Robert Winstanley, Baos, Daniel Schihor
Mirrored panels - Lyndon Ogbourne
Vinyl - Hadyn Kaufman Babylon Graphics Ltd
Photography - Daniel Jackont