is a conceptual multidisciplinary artist, whose works range from video to plastic and performance art. Questions that interest him regard the boundaries between ideas and matter, multiple narratives and fragments of meaning, as well as the modern appearances of myths from the ancient and religious work in our current symbolic systems.

Le Coeur De Paris

Exhibition space: Pantheon De Paris
March - July 2020
Curator: Eloise Le gallo

Video Art

Tel Aviv Museum of Modern Art
29 March 2019
Epos International Art Film Festival

Yom Hofesh
Video Art & Installation

Kandinof Gallery
May - July 2018
Curator: Arianna Forna

Video Art & Installation

Luisa Catucci Gallery Berlin
May - July 2019
Curator: Luisa Catucci


Inga Gallery Tel Aviv
March 2015
Curator: Revital Gal

Kibbutz Buchenwald
Cooperation with artist Gil Yefman

Tel Aviv Museum of Modern Art
December - August 2019
Curator: Adi Dahan