Installation & Performance

Two lovers embrace under an indoor rainfall.

LOVE Act I. is a site-specific installation and performance work which reimagines romance tropes from classic cinema and explores ideas of love, human connection, and loneliness.

The work comprise of an artificial rain fall inside the E.X.P.R.M.N.T.L Gallery in Paris commisioned by Opyum festival VI 22. Beneath the rain there is a bench. Two performers circle and sit on the bench, at times embracing under the rain, at times disconnected from each other. In the background plays a warped version of Classic Old Hollywood orchestral music, its rich and full nature contrasting with the stark, industrial, minimal installation. The rain, let from behind in a yellowish spot, bathing the rain scene in a coloured glow, creating an all-the-more strange yet cinematic scene for the audience to encounter.

Concept, artistic direction & production - Anna Lann, Yonathan Trichter and Helen Neven
Original composition & sound design -Anna Lann
Performers - Vivienne, Dahlia Koumsam
Dop - Roy Brandys
Post Production - KASHMIR